picture of Clifton carving a figure in wood

Nova Scotia artist Clifton Sears

Clifton began selling his carvings in the early nineteen seventies. He became well known along the south shore for works depicting local fishermen.

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Currently working on ...

An evil pumpkin having a lobster boil.
Updated Nov 7. I got these out of the kiln just before Halloween but am just now getting the post up.

an evil pumpkin having a lobster boil ... a Halloween candle holder

It is a candle holder and comes with an orange candle or an electronic tea light. The price will be $28. Shipping in the maritimes is $3. Too late for this year but it will be availabe next fall as well. I really like how the metal pot turned out. The glaze is made by Spectrum and is called moonlight. I will be using it on some metallic abstract nativity sets I am working on.

the new gallery sign

I have a new sign over the gallery! The small floating shelves work well inside. Now to finish up.

I should be able to hang an open sign in a week or two.

In the Spotlight ...

A piping plover on her nest of eggs in the sand.


Ceramic Sculpture

I recently let this one go to a new owner. I have had it for a while. With all the renovations and projects I have not had the gallery open and have not been promoting the sculptures.

The sand where these little guys make their nests has a lot of tiny pebbles. They simply make a depression in the sand to lay their eggs. These nests are incredibly difficult to see, even if you are standing beside one.

Recent efforts to keep pets and people away from the nests are helping to return their numbers from the endangered list.

I made the stones look realistic by mixing colour into the clay and using a matt clear glaze. I really liked how it turned out and plan to revisit the theme some day.

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