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spotlight ...
The Snarl

Recently completed ceramic fisherman sculpture.
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I now have my own studio and gallery.
Located in Barrington Passage, NS, just before the causeway to Cape Sable Island, beside JB's restaurant. It is undergoing some renovations right now, but it is still useable.

If you would like to know more about my artwork activities, process and misadventures ...
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New releases on display include ...
The Snarl - pictured above ...
Nature sculpts for the garden ... tree bark, mushrooms, insects, etc.
Marble - "Weary of War", realistic ancient warrior.
Ceramic - fishermen and wildlife.
Wood - a few carvings.

In addition to wood carving, I also carve stone and marble, create in ceramic clay and plaster, and offer a few cast reproductions.

My subjects of interest are North American wildlife, commercial fishing, portrait figurines and figurative works.

Recent events include a carving used for the independant movie "Snow" which was released last fall, and a picture of "the Cape Islander" (a fisherman carving) is included in the grade 3 Social Studies book for the maritime provinces, as representing local culture. A zylophpne and a lythophone were created for the Shelburne Arts Councel, to be put on the local walking trails, and, of course, "Forgotten Heroes" the monument to dogs who died in war, commissioned by 11 year old Noah Tremblay and now installed in the Veterans Memorial Park.

I am now working in ceramics, and gaining experience in this medium.
I have also picked up some drawing nib or dip pens andam enjoying doing some painting and drawing in the line and wash style.

Located in Nova Scotia, Canada

Custom orders and commissions are mostly welcome.
I may not want to do some things.


carving process:

[The Kiss - wood sculpture]

[Newfoundland Dog war memorial]

[Portrait of a girl and her horse - ceramic clay]

["Weary of War", an ancient warrior in white marble]

[Blue Heron in black granite]

[Piping Plover in Driftwood]


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I accept payment through:
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Sorry, but due to the number of attempted frauds over the net,
I do not accept cheques, money orders or mailed cash.